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Wind River Customers


"I always know I can trust Wind River. The team members have integrity and always go the extra mile to help us meet our project goals."

—T.K. Tan, Managing Director, Clarion Malaysia

Internet On Wheels: Wind River Helps Clarion Malaysia Deliver Connectivity to Go

In the Internet of Things, the car is becoming the ultimate mobile device—literally. Consumers want to stay connected everywhere, and Clarion Malaysia is making it happen. With help from Wind River® Automotive Solutions, the company developed the Clarion AX1 in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, which delivers Wi-Fi connectivity, Android and iOS compatibility, SD and USB ports, full HD video, and app store access to over 22 million songs from South Asia's Infogo music service—not to mention more basic features such as AM/FM radio, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth.

Wind River Masters Complexity of Hardware-Software Integration

The Clarion AX1 is built on a customized Android software platform. Clarion Malaysia, an offshore manufacturing unit of Japan's Clarion Co., Ltd., needed to get a high-quality product to market quickly within a firm budget. Wind River offered the best combination of automotive experience and Android expertise for the project. "Wind River delivered software integration and project management services that helped us optimize our development process," says T.K. Tan, managing director. "The integration of hardware and software in an automobile is highly complex. Wind River simplified the process and helped us meet our cost targets."