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Wind River Customers

Continental AG

"The devices we are working on today are more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. It is essential for us to maintain close relationships with industry leaders such as Wind River to make sure we stay at the leading edge of automotive technology, functionality, and safety."

—Dr. Udo Judaschke, Director of PLM Systems, Software and Verification, Continental Automotive Group

Drive Safely: Wind River Helps Continental Automotive Group Meet Rigorous Standards

With a declared goal of "zero accidents," Germany's Continental AG, a leading global automotive technology supplier, has made driver safety its key priority. To help meet the requirements of ISO 26262, an international functional safety standard for road vehicles, Continental's Automotive Group chose Wind River® Diab Compiler to produce high-quality, standards-compliant code for critical embedded systems. Diab Compiler allows Continental to centralize development data across 48 of its sites around the world, resulting in cost savings of more than 30 percent.

Solutions used by Continental AG

Wind River Diab Compiler

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Continental is using Diab Compiler in the development of its drive and vehicle control systems, including braking, engine control, and energy management. It's an OS-agnostic tool suite that includes a C/C++ compiler, an assembler, a linker, ANSI C and C++ libraries, and an instruction-set simulator. It is widely used for safety critical applications in the automotive sector, as well as in industrial, medical, and aerospace systems. Every release is tested for standards conformance and performance with more than half a million test cases. For safety-minded suppliers like Continental, software reliability is no accident—it's an imperative.