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Wind River Customers

Sirona Dental

"Wind River Platform for Medical Devices provides us with a robust, industry-recognized RTOS solution. This, combined with comprehensive Wind River Professional Services, enabled us to meet very aggressive time-to-market goals."

—Michael Dalpiaz, Head of Embedded Software Imaging Systems, Sirona

All Smiles: Wind River Helps Sirona Deliver Innovative Dental Technology

Sirona is a long-time leader in dental technology worldwide. Among its many innovations: a 2D/3D X-ray device for dental surgeries that captures the patient's whole jaw in one pass, eliminating the need to stitch together multiple X-ray images. The images are then sent through a network connection to a PC where they are processed and displayed. The network connection has to be highly stable and reliable to ensure fast and accurate processing. For that, Sirona needed an efficient and reliable real-time operating system: VxWorks®.

Reliable Performance, Reliable Delivery

Sirona's engineers built the network connection using Wind River® Platform for Medical Devices, an embedded software platform that combines VxWorks, the Wind River Workbench development suite, and network connectivity run-time technologies, as well as multiple security features. Because the development project was on a tight timeline, Wind River Professional Services provided support and training to help the design team get the most from VxWorks. With Wind River technology, tools, and talent, Sirona delivered a reliable product to market on schedule.