Ammeon is a solutions partner that helps you make the most of new and emerging technologies. It has built a strong record of successfully delivering solutions in DevOps, cloud, automation, and modern software engineering. Ammeon helps you maintain your leading edge, solving tomorrow's problems today.
As new technologies and challenges emerge, Ammeon will continue to help customers stay ahead of the curve. Today, the company works with customers that include the largest Fortune 500 companies worldwide, as well as the most exciting startups.

The Ammeon and Wind River partnership delivers secure, scalable, and robust cloud platform solutions with support for continuous integration and continuous delivery of software.

With shared experience and belief in open source technology, Ammeon and Wind River understand the value of delivering innovative solutions and IT services to industry-leading companies. The partnership brings peace of mind to organizations by delivering secure, scalable, and robust cloud platform solutions that help bridge gaps across organizations. By taking a holistic view of requirements and business needs, we deliver a more complete technology solution.

  • Increased efficiency in software development through DevSecOps
  • Edge computing and 5G technologies to leverage emerging technology
  • Delivery of complete, innovative solutions that meet your business needs

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O' Connell Bridge House, D'Olier Street, Dublin, Ireland, 2
+353 1 645 2300

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Aerospace & Defense

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