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No matter what—or where—you’re building, you need the right foundation. For more than 30 years, Wind River® has worked closely with its hardware partners across the industry to ensure your foundation is safe, secure, and reliable.

Building on longstanding relationships, Wind River today continues to enable the full range of semiconductor architectures used by our customers in the markets we serve.

Arm Architecture

Arm’s scalable, energy-efficient processor designs deliver intelligence wherever computing happens. Wind River’s relationship with Arm and its licensees NXP, Renesas, TI, Xilinx, and others ensures optimized software and tools, resulting in a great customer experience for software developers and architects designing Arm-based edge devices.

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Power Architecture

Power Architecture–based silicon designs are field proven for use in safety-critical markets. Wind River has partnered with NXP and others to optimize an extensive range of safety certifiable solutions and collaboration tools, giving developers the flexibility they need without compromising on security and reliability.

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Intel Architecture

Intel architecture is optimized for compute-intensive workloads in the software-defined world. Wind River’s partnership with Intel has resulted in optimization across our product lines for use with Intel products in the deployment of smart, safe, and secure solutions for critical workload consolidation and software-defined infrastructure.

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Wind River partners with more than 200 leading companies to help mutual customers ease integration challenges, shorten development times, and provide greater functionality to their devices and systems. We also participate actively in key industry groups, open source projects, and standards bodies to help continually evolve the state of the art for embedded software.

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