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Our Company

As Wind River® enters its next phase of growth, we will be at the center of this AI-first world, playing a leadership role with our software for the intelligent edge. With our expertise we will help customers on their digital transformation journey, where AI will help enable organizations and societies to solve the world’s hardest problems.

Check out some of our latest industry awards to see how we are leading the way to the future of the intelligent edge.

Why Choose Wind River

The Work

The Work

Imagine being part of a global team that is building the technology foundation for self-driving cars. Life-saving medical breakthroughs. Environmentally sustainable energy. 5G networks. Or safe and smooth landings on Mars. When someone asks, “What did you do today?” you’ll have an awesome answer.

Current Openings

The People

The People

Wind River is built on a culture of caring, respect, curiosity, and collaboration, centered around a growth mindset that encourages us to continually develop and succeed. And we don't just value diversity, we thrive on it. Work with incredibly smart people around the world who share your passion for learning and welcome a challenge.

Our Guiding Principles

The Opportunities

The Opportunities

Yes, we have competitive compensation and benefits (and some that will surprise you), as well as meaningful personal and professional growth opportunities that derive from our fervent belief in the importance of cultivating a growth mindset. But all that’s just the icing on the cake. What really gets us fired up is doing work that matters, learning something new every day, and helping to shape the future.

Here are some of the programs that make working at Wind River more than just a job:

Wind Gives Back

The work we do within our communities is an important part of who we are. With our volunteer program, our impact extends beyond our employees and customers.


Celebrating you with a birthday day off and our SHINE employee recognition program are just some of the ways we say thank you.

Boundless Innovation

Our Boundless Innovation program empowers employees to discover, create, and play, harvesting innovation that ultimately creates value.

Our Teams

Hear from our employees about what it's like working at Wind River.

Sales Team
Customer Success Team
Customer Success   
Engineering Team
Find your next career opportunity with one of our thriving teams at Wind River

Our sales teams come to work every day with passion and a desire for greatness. We’re the trusted advisors who help leading companies power the safest, most secure and reliable devices in the world. We’re not selling a one-size-fits-all solution. We approach every customer as a unique relationship and provide custom offerings that meet their specific business needs. We thrive on trust, transparency, and teamwork, and we won’t settle for anything less than excellence.

Sales Opportunities


We are fanatically focused on enabling customers to maximize their competitive advantage in building smart, innovative systems. We leverage unique skills, expertise, and processes to unlock the full potential of Wind River products and deliver tailored solutions that form the foundation of customer systems.

Customer Success Opportunities


We create an environment for people to learn, experiment, and solve complex challenges for our customers. Our globally distributed, highly experienced software development team is passionate about safety, security, and reliability, while leveraging the latest technology and agile development processes to advance our innovation in edge-to-cloud software. Our real-time intelligent platform helps our diverse customers digitally transform and deliver products that leverage the latest community-driven innovations.

Engineering Opportunities

Marketing Team
Finance and Legal Team
Finance and Legal   
People Team
People Team   
IT Team

Our creative marketing team is all about showcasing our innovative technologies, driving brand awareness, accelerating our growth strategies, and engaging our employees, prospects, and customers in conversations.

Marketing Opportunities


With a focus on operational excellence, our finance and legal teams deliver programs and tools to support the business and to drive growth and profitability. We are trusted partners to every team with a united goal: be world-class and agile.

Finance and Legal Opportunities


We are focused on partnering with our managers and employees to create an environment that enables our employees to bring their best and whole selves to their jobs. When they win, we win.

People Team Opportunities


Out team’s mission is to provide our employees with the latest technologies to do their jobs in the most secure, efficient, and effective manner. We enable teams across the organization to drive productivity with the tools and applications they need to scale safe, secure, and reliable solutions for our customers all around the world.

IT Opportunities