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General Electric

General Electric

GE and Wind River Collaborate to Transform Industrial IOT

The partnership consolidates applications into a software-defined function that can be centrally managed, upgraded, and controlled

Video: GE chooses Wind River Titanium Control for IICS

“Wind River Titanium Control provides us with a platform where we can host a lot of the applications distributed across a power plant floor and consolidate these applications into a software-defined function that can be centrally managed, upgraded, and controlled.”

—Wes Skeffington, senior principal engineer, GE Global Research


At GE Global Research, scientists, engineers, and technicians work together to provide GE’s businesses and strategic partners with technical innovations for their future-generation products, processes, and services. One of their key areas of focus is on digital/physical transformation. They wanted to bridge traditional assets such as physical devices—whether a gas turbine, a locomotive, or a jet engine—to safely and securely enable a new set of digital services that would offer more flexibility than in the past.


GE turned to Wind River® and is leveraging Wind River Titanium Control to enable customers to transform business models and create new opportunities. GE is using Wind River technologies, such as virtualization and hypervisor, to consolidate a host of applications that are distributed across the power plant floor. Titanium Control enables GE to develop best practices for managing virtual machines and networks and to build an open platform with the standard integration of OpenStack and KVM.


GE launched IICS, or Industrial Internet Control System, its platform for the edge that brings together traditional, hard, real-time, safety-critical applications and adds in a new set of Predix functionality using virtualization and hypervisor technology from Wind River. Titanium Control provides GE with a platform that fulfills the company's vision to deliver a software-defined function that is open and centrally managed with cloud capabilities and cloud best practices.