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Wind River Helps Global Networking Equipment Vendor Make the Move to NFV

Using Titanium Cloud, Raisecom cuts time-to-market by 30%, testing and qualification costs by 20%, while ensuring 99.9999% network availability


Raisecom, a Beijing-based global telecommunications equipment manufacturer, wanted to develop new products based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to respond to demands from its customers for more flexible, adaptable, and scalable networks.


Raisecom’s move to NFV-based products from special-purpose, dedicated hardware (switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, etc.) promised to lower product development, testing, and qualification costs while accelerating time-to-market. However, Raisecom wanted to develop its first NFV product, small cell gateway functions, as quickly as possible to stay ahead of competition while ensuring that it did so as cost-efficiently as possible.


Raisecom, which lacked experience and in-house technologies for developing NFV products, turned to Wind River® and Wind River Titanium Cloud, the industry’s first fully integrated and full-featured NFV software portfolio of products. Critically, Titanium Cloud can guarantee that software-based NFV functions provide better than 99.999% availability and the same ultra-high performance throughput required by today’s broadband networks.


By using Titanium Cloud as the core technology for its NFV cell gateway, Raisecom cut product testing and qualification costs by 20% compared to testing and qualification costs for traditional small cell gateway hardware. It also decreased time-to-market by 30%. Raisecom is also benefiting from the diverse Titanium Cloud Ecosystem of vendors with products validated as interoperable and optimized for Titanium Cloud. Overall, working with Wind River gave Raisecom invaluable initial experience in NFV technologies to power its momentum in this major new market.

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“Thanks to Wind River and Titanium Cloud, we were able to get a fast start into a new market. It’s all about staying a step ahead of the competition.”

—Sandy Guo, Key Carrier Account Director