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Wind River
AUTOSAR Adaptive

Wind River® AUTOSAR Adaptive is a certifiable software platform designed to help customers develop and deploy their ISO 26262 ASIL D–certifiable safety-critical automotive applications.

Wind River AUTOSAR Adaptive draws on and adds to the proven Wind River pedigree that includes billions of deployed safety- and mission-critical devices across 40+ industries. The platform provides a flexible, safety certification–ready commercial implementation to help customers efficiently develop standards-based connectivity, ADAS, and autonomous driving applications.

Create Certifiable, Rigorously Safe Software

  • Ensures fail-safe operation among mixed-critical applications distributed across a highly secure and reliable heterogeneous compute platform
  • Offers an ISO 26262 ASIL D–certifiable and standards-based software platform for developing next-generation vehicle experiences
  • Tailor-made to address the most critical needs of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies

Speed Your Development Processes

  • Follows open standards with no lock-in to allow control and flexibility in choosing IP, as well as the ability to focus on applications
  • Allows dynamic linking of services and clients during ECU runtime, which makes it much more flexible for application developers
  • Lowers hardware, software, and development costs through streamlined software architectures and software reuse

Use Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Allows applications to be developed, tested, deployed, and even updated independently of each other
  • Enables applications to be integrated at any time and developed independently of the final ECU

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Learn more about how Wind River AUTOSAR Adaptive can help speed your development while ensuring highly secure and rigorously safe components and systems for the next generation of intelligent, connected, and autonomous vehicles.