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Get Wind River® Linux for your embedded system deployments in connected edge devices, servers, or virtual environments. Wind River Linux provides a validated and reliable operating system that can scale across a wide range of use cases.

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Download Wind River Linux and build your embedded platform. Click download and read the quick start guide that will walk you through platform development steps.

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branchName: WRLINUX_10_19_BASE
repoURL: git://github.com/WindRiver-Labs/wrlinux-x.git

Why Wind River Linux?

Wind River Linux is the market leader for building outstanding embedded products based on open source innovation, ensuring customers work with the latest code from the most important open source efforts and most recent technologies.

Wind River offers a no-cost version of the subscription-based commercial version. How does the no-cost product download differ from the subscription-based access?


Annually, with community maintenance

Annually, with predictable Rolling Cumulative Patch Layer (RCPL) cadence

Ongoing, with every-3-weeks release cadence


12 months (in sync with community)

60 months (with options to extend longer, up to 15 years)

Custom content management (CCM) option available

3 weeks, until next release

CCM option available



Standard, under under service-level agreement (SLA)

Premium option available

Standard, under SLA

Premium option available



Commercial, under SLA, with cumulative patches and backporting

Commercial, under SLA, with incremental updates and upgrades

Ready to Use in Production?

Providing OS support and maintenance for a commercialized product can be costly. With a Wind River Linux subscription, you get a fully supported solution that lowers the total cost of operation (TCO) for building, deploying, and maintaining embedded and IoT devices, allowing you to focus on your core value-add.

A Wind River Linux subscription includes:

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