DornerWorks, Ltd.

Product developers know a lot about their products, but often are stressed about how to work with the technologies that make those products work. DornerWorks provides expert technology engineering to help them create standout products, so that they are free to focus on what they do best.

DornerWorks has a simple plan customers can follow to gain that freedom with its engineering help, especially to create circuit boards, software, and FPGA designs embedded in their products.

DornerWorks provides Embedded Xen for use with VxWorks

DornerWorks provides an open source hypervisor solution that supports the VxWorks RTOS. With Wind River and DornerWorks, customers can enable their complex multi-core platforms and support their VxWorks-enabled applications quickly, so they are free to focus on the application and function of their products.

  • Software isolation, security, and safety support, yet without the need to become experts in another technology
  • Support for VxWorks, so customer applications running on VxWorks can be ported easily
  • Quick Start packages and support

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DornerWorks, Ltd.
3445 Lake Eastbrook Blvd SE, Grand Rapids, MI, United States, 49546

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Aerospace & Defense

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